How to Cook Chicken Breasts

Every time I speak to someone in the gym they ask me what I do with my breast. They tell me that no matter what they do they always find it boring. This is of course before I tell them about the importance of seasonings. 

They all seem to be doing the same thing, putting a plain chicken breast into a pan, and frying it. How boring does that sound, in fact, you probably already know, which is the reason your reading this article. 

Its never legs thighs or wings, its always chicken breast. I think the main reason for this is because its relatively cheap for the level of quality macronutrients it offers, low fuss in terms of bones and skin and it's incredibly versatile. 

Ask most and they'll tell you that whenever they cook a breast of chicken it comes out tough and dry. But if you cook it the right way its truly delicious, juicy and tender. 

So, follow these simple steps precisely to get the perfectly cooked breast. 


1. In a baking tray place your chicken breasts and drizzle over olive oil, enough to provide a thin coating over each chicken breast. 

2. Depending on your taste preference, use a seasoning blend to cover the breasts. Click here to see our own selection of seasonings to guaranteed to fit every palate.

My personal favourites are Garlic and Herb, and Cajun. 

3. Sprinkle over enough of the seasoning to fit your needs and enough to provide a nice covering over each breast. 

4. With your hands, massage the seasoning into the breasts until the oil and the seasonings have completely covered the chicken breasts. If you have the time, allow this to marinade for a few hours to soak up all the flavours. 

5. Bake in an pre heated oven at 230oc for 15 mins. Personally, I feel doing it this way prevents them from drying out. You could also try baking them at 180oc for 30 mins. This comes down to personal preference. 

6. It may be worth investing in a small thermometer to check that the chicken is cooked thoroughly. You'll want the temp to read roughly 75oc. Try to avoid cutting into the breast check because this allows all those lovely juices to escape. This one from Amazon is great! Click here

7. Once removed. YOU MUST LET IT REST! Be patient here, you'll thank your self. I would recommend loosely covering the baking tray with foil and allow the chicken to rest for 15 mins. 

Check out YouTube as well, there will be plenty of demos on there should you need a visual aid :) 

Thanks for reading 


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