The Benefits of Supplements

Supplements play a huge part in our day to day lives when we are trying to stay on track with out diets. 

From whey protein all the way to Vitamin C, all supplements each have very specific roles in not only rest and recovery from a tough session in the gym or playing sport but also for simply giving our bodies the nutrients it craves. 

But the first thing to understand, which is something that we really try to emphasise here at Fit Flavour is that supplements are just that... they should never be used to replace a healthy balanced diet! They should be used to... well... "supplement" a healthy diet.   

When thinking of supplements, the first thing that may spring to mind is powdered supplements such as whey protein or creatine. But for the vast majority who use supplements, its pills such as fish oil tablets and multi vitamin's. 

Both of these forms of supplements are incredible useful. 

We all know how hard it can be at times to take in all those important nutrients on a working day. For most of us, finding the time to actually prepare meals isn't too difficult, but then actually finding the time to take about 15 mins to re heat (if needed) and actually eat the meal multiple times throughout the day is a very difficult task indeed. After all, we have jobs to do... of course, there are some, myself included who are in fortunate positions where we are afforded this luxury time. However, for me that hasn't always been the case, and during those times I found it very difficult to meet my macro nutrient requirements, and to also meet vitamin and mineral intake requirements for general health was near impossible to obtain from food alone. 


So, I looked into  supplements. and found that there is a vast range out there that were able to help me reach my goals, but in a way that was very fast and convenient. 

Whey Protein

One example of this is the ever growing popularity of Whey Protein drinks. For those of you who don't, its essentially a fast working protein in a powdered form which is very often consumed after a workout to help the muscles repair and recover.

But, thats not there only use, I myself use protein drinks as a back up meal, for example, if im out and about and I know im going to be a few grams short of protein intake goal for the day the I will grab a quick protein drink from a shop, and straight away I can gain about 24g of protein. Simple... 

However, don't be tempted into relying on this, as mentioned before, you should never ever replace a balanced healthy diet with any form of supplement. 

Fish Oils 

Fish oils are packed full of essentially Omega-3 fatty acids which can only be consumed either by eating Fish or by using supplements because your body simple cannot produce them by itself. Of course, buying enough fish to get a decent amount is expensive, so purchasing supplements such as soft gels can be very cost effective and efficient. 

These are just a couple of examples of how supplements can benefit on a day to day basis... I cannot possible go into the use and benefit of every supplement in the world because this blog would be about 10,000 words long, so... stay tuned over time because I'll make sure that I post blogs about very popular supplements and there usages. For now, have look around and find something that could really help you take your nutrition to its next step. 

Of course, do your research before you buy, because not all supplements suite everyone. 

Thanks for reading :)

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