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Todays market place is full of products and businesses searching and craving for your attention and custom. Essentially after your money first and foremost in a lot of cases, without any real care for their customers. I wont be naming and shaming any brands, we aren't about that here, but I'll certainly point out things to watch out for. Im also going to mention somebody who I feel gives absolutely solid advice and motivation on a daily basis. 


That person is Courtney Pruce, a very popular Instagram user who offers personal online coaching, and one to one coaching at her own personal studio. 


Do yourself favour and go and follow her Instagram account @courtneypruce and check out her website. Theres nothing in it for me to promote Courtney, its just a fantastic source for knowledge, recipes and general motivation :) 


The fitness industry is full of pills and shakes that all promise the world, but I bet you have never seen much benefit from half of the things you throw into your body. Because I certainly haven’t. 

From my own experience as an amateur body builder and former Team England MMA competitor training and dieting for various goals, I have only ever noticed a real benefit from 3, maybe 4 things that i feel have benefitted myself. 


Of course, some will disagree, but here is what I believe worked for me. 

  1. Whey Protein, a good quality whey protein, you don't need to break the bank, just check the labels. Whey protein drinks are a really convenient way to get much needed nutrients. 
  2. Creatine, one of the most researched and tested supplements, and for very specific needs, so please research this before you use it.  
  3. Most importantly. FOOD!!! There are so many people that completely disregard the importance of food. DO NOT!!! A good diet is essential. Somebody once told me fitness is 70% diet and 30% training, and from my experience, I have to agree. 
  4. BCAA’s. 


I wont go into detail on the importance of each of these, I’ll save that for another blog. 


Now lets get down to the reason for this blog. The shear frustration of certain companies who in my opinion do not provide true value for money and draw in customers because of fancy branding. Don’t get me wrong, branding is fantastic and is a true art, but I feel that honesty has to be reflected in the product. 


For myself, it pains me to walk into a supermarket and see my competitors selling seasonings which are filled with nasties such as silicon dioxide (check the label of many supermarket brands for this if you don't believe me) at an inflated price, its disgraceful! 

This is why I've embarked on this journey by starting Fit Flavour to bring reasonably priced seasonings to the market, at an honest price and most importantly to people that will benefit from them the most. 


Essentially, the point I'm making is this… 


All you need to cut through the BS that fills the fitness industry is a few simple things, and if you must have only one simple rule to follow. 


Just please please please ensure your diet is up to scratch, trust me its worth the effort to meal prep in the long run, it will save you time and money like you would not believe… and it doesn't need to be boring, just season all your food, it will bring it to life, and I'll guarantee that every meal will be a treat! 


Thanks for reading 


Owner / Founder

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