2 Reasons Why Meal Preparation is so Important


We are big believers in in meal prep. You don't need to be a body builder or even visit a gym regularly to benefit from the advantages of meal preparation, no matter if your goal is to win your next body building show, or to just improve your eating habits and general well being, meal prepping is essential! 

Speaking from experience, it can be very difficult in the beginning understanding what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it... but how will you ever be able to eat what you NEED, when you need it if you have not got it prepared ? You can't... 

The key to meal preparation is to always stay stocked up with a few staple ingredients, such as chicken breast, rice, vegetables. All these things can be cooked very easily, very quickly. If for whatever reason you do not have time to cook there are plenty of things you can purchase to make your life even easier, such as tinned tuna and mackerel. Other things to always keep in your armoury include fruit and nuts which take absolutely no prep time. 


Theres no other way to put it, you'll save a tonne of cash! Buying ingredients in bulk is a whole lot cheaper than buying your lunch from the high street every day. For example, I used to take my lunch break, walk to my favourite high street branch and buy lunch. This would usually cost me between £6 and £7, every day, you do the math... taking into account the average holiday days of 25 days, and removing weekends, this would cost me... wait for it... £1,652 per year!!! Just take a minute to think about that. It seems like nothing when you hand over that hard earned £10 note to get a few coins back in change, but when you look at the numbers, well, I think you get the idea by now. 

When compared to buying in bulk, for example from wholesale stores or online, where you can pick up 5kg of quality chicken breast for £25, plus using an offer code to get an extra 1kg (please contact us for this code), it seems ridiculous to not prepare your meals. Obviously, the more or less you are eating depending on yours goals will depend how much you spend on meal preparation, but either way, you'll still spend less than using the high street. 



Having your meals right there when you need them is so important for a healthy diet. Constantly eating smaller healthy meals throughout the day rather than a big meal in the evening has been proven to keep your metabolism working which means you can burn fat without lifting a finger. 

Not only this, but you know exactly what you have put in your meal, which is great for tracking macros, you know that you've used no artificial colourings or flavours, you know it only has things in there which will benefit you and you know that no big food manufacturer has snook any bad bits into that supposedly healthy lunch. Your can trust your food because you have made it!

This doesn't mean it needs to be boring, all you need to do is add a bit of seasoning to your food while cooking and it will taste wonderful. 

I am keeping this one short and sweet, so there you have 2 excellent reasons to prepare your meals. On tap nutrition and save cash!

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs, including: What ? When ? and How Much ?, to help you get to grips with how much you should be eating, when the best times are to eat certain foods and what those foods should be.

Thanks for reading! and remember Eat Clean Live Strong! 

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