It's a Mindset

Us fitness enthusiasts have something very unique, something the majority of people on this earth do not have...

The mental ability to push past our physical and mental barriers to become the best, fittest, fastest and strongest person we can be, and to understand why on earth we put ourselves through what we go through... It's almost impossible to explain. 

To some people, what we do seems like a waste of time. When people say this to me I tell them "you just don't get it, and you never will" because they simply do not have the mindset that you and I have. 

They simply are not cut out to put in the hours of dedication it takes to create the best version of themselves.

I feel sorry for them. 

When I step foot in the gym and here iron hitting together and loud music pumping, or walk into my MMA gym and hear punch bags being pummelled it makes my hair stand on end, and I wonder "where would I rather be?", sat on a sofa watching soaps ? playing video games ? sat in a pub or bar ?

None of the above: the answer is "right here" nothing could ever replace this, as much as that last rep or last round of sparring hurts, I love... every... single... second! 

You understand, I understand, the sad part is that those who are not blessed with our mindset will never ever understand ! 

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